I quit sugar – week 4

It’s the end of week 4 following the IQS regime.  And what have I found after not consuming sugar for four solid weeks?  Hold your collective breaths … here’s the results.

Weight loss – only a measly 1kg.  This was an ongoing surprise.  After 3 weeks, I hadn’t lost anything.  So after some discussion in week 3, I realised my portion control needed revision – a case of a few handfuls of nuts too many. So I cut back and lost the kilo.

Measurements – completely unchanged.  Unsurprised.  You don’t lose weight, the shape doesn’t change.

Wellbeing – very even moods, but I’m on HRT (which contains a small dose of antidepressant) so who knows whether it’s the absence of sugar or the medication keeping things nice.

Energy – haven’t particularly noticed a huge change to date. Not feeling blah every day though, and certainly not exhausted and needing an afternoon nap, so that’s a good start. Find myself a bit perkier in the evenings and coping much better with late nights.

Overall health – took weeks for the bronchitis to completely disappear. The thick phlegm constantly in my throat for weeks was the worst and I’m very glad to be rid of it.  I’ve not had an issue with the chemical taste in my mouth either, so this means I can actually taste what I’m eating.  Goodness, I’ve only just realised that!

Bowel movements – have become regular, plus blood from haemorrhoids has all but disappeared.

Exercise – not quite so exhausted after a workout, which I’ve just realised as I write this. Perhaps changes are more subtle.  Exercise at the gym 5-6 days a week and really trying to push myself to improve the heart rate.  It’s going well.

Motivation – it’s quite strange because normally at four weeks, I’m over the dieting thing. But I feel very motivated to continue with this because I see it as a lifetime way to be healthy. I don’t feel deprived, I have the time to make different things and while some of the recipes are really rather odd, I’m enjoying all the new taste sensations.

Outcome 1

So I’m really disappointed with the result, mostly because I expected better weight loss. If you’re not eating all those cakes, chocolates and desserts, and meal sizes are smaller – then surely some weight loss must occur – even at my advanced age.

On Saturday I was so disheartened that I decided it was time for a bit of deviation. So when out for dinner at a friend’s house, I accepted the offer of a cocktail (ice-based with 3 different non-creamy alcohols), enjoyed a small portion of dessert, and knocked off a few pieces of dark chocolate. That was my blowout and I was promptly on the straight and narrow again on Sunday.

Outcome 2

After some discussion with my partner after this dinner, decided I’d add a variation to my IQS week. Two days of the week would be devoted to fasting, specifically the 5:2 diet in which you imbibe 500 calories only for two days of the week then eat normally on the other five.  I can do that.

Sunday was the first day and it went well.  Got rather peckish at times but we had a lot of hot drinks and got through it without any trauma.

And guess what?  I woke up this morning (Monday) feeling considerably perky. So we’ll see how that goes combining the two diets.  I’m thinking this could be a winning combination.

We’re doing a trip up to southern NSW in weeks 5-6 so that’ll be a challenge not having my kitchen with all its ingredients and a freezer full of preprepared foods.  There’s also the challenge of eating 500 calories when in the company of friends on holiday.

There you go – let’s see how the next few weeks go.  I shall keep you posted.