The Duck

About the duck

Welcome!  Hope you enjoy having a read.  I grew up in New Zealand, live in Australia and have reached the age where I can feasibly call myself an old duck … it’s always a shock to look in the mirror and wonder where that face came from.

Quit the job in February 2015 to spend time meandering around Australia, New Zealand and overseas with my favourite partner,  Gregoire.  Hence the name of the blog … meandering duck.

Writing and illustrating

On our travels, the aspiration is to write some prose (mostly children’s books), whack out some artworks and illustrations as we tootle about (eg. the duck on the home page), earn a few extra dollars, and endeavour not to run over any wildlife.

Currently writing and illustrating my first children’s book, and will be looking for a publisher in due course.


The major aim of this meandering venture is to draw, paint and write anything one sees when travelling around – even if the results are good, bad or otherwise.

You could liken it to learning to play the piano or a new language – you don’t improve if you don’t practice. Now’s the time to do just that.