The Duck


Denise Woodley quit her job in 2015 to spend time meandering around with partner Greg.  Hence the name of the blog … meandering duck.

Born in NZ but living in Australia most of her life, Denise created her first picture book at 11 years old. Regrettably, it was stolen from the display noticeboard, never to be seen again (one of those lifelong sadnesses).

Although she drew endless landscapes throughout school, borrowing friend Maggie’s 6B pencil because it made such interesting marks and smudges, that was where any artistic endeavours began and ended.

Her greatest strength lay in English and creative writing, which have remained a lifelong interest. Drawing and watercolour became a serious passion later in life.

After an enjoyable career in computer engineering, website administration, and writing content for the web and technical publications, Denise moved into picture book writing and illustration, delighting in creating fun books for young children.

She is self-taught and creates quirky illustrations using different media, texture and techniques which she hopes will delight children of all ages.

Denise spends her spare time hiking to interesting places, exercising, travelling anywhere she can talk Greg into going, photographing interesting stuff (particularly creatures), and shooing marauding wallabies and possums away from the garden.