My studio

Enter Denise’s creative studio cubbyhole, where magic happens amidst the jumble and chaos.

It’s a pleasurable space where art tools and supplies are but an arm’s length away. There’s plenty of light pouring in throughout the day, wallabies graze outside the window, and there’s a plethora of birdlife to keep one inspired.

In the cupboard, there’s no shortage of sketchbooks to hand.

“Every time there’s a sale or I walk into an art supplies shop, I invariably walk out with something to draw or write in” Denise says. “I fill in a few books every year with sketches and ideas, but the pile keeps building up.”

Pic of studio showing desk, cupboard, bookshelves
Working section of the studio (tidy for once)

Once a sketch has been made and needs to be turned into a final piece, an A3 lightbox lies hidden behind the desk. Denise picked it up online and it’s one of her most useful possessions.

Three huge bookcases (and two more in another room) hold her other obsession – books. Hundreds of them and their number is added to frequently.

“They’re all reference books” Denise commented, “and while there’s never enough time to look at them all, I do my best.”

Denise’s other treasured possession is a drafting board that once belonged to her builder father, who used it to work on house plans. It now sits permanently on her desk and is used every day.

And when Denise needs a nap or somewhere to kick back and read? Well goodness, there’s a handy sofa bed laying in wait!

Wallaby outside the window