Waterdragon on rock

Water dragons

I’ve got a thing for water dragons and lizards. Some of them are devilishly interesting and complex to draw.

When staying at Ivory Palms Resort in SE Queensland (Australia), the apartment looks out over a pond with a mini waterfall. It sports some good flat rocks upon which a large male water dragon suns himself most days. Scattered around are smaller water dragons but these things are territorial, so they don’t get much of a look in (unless it’s a female)!

This is a head drawing in coloured pencil. Unfortunately an insect lost his fight for life in this one.

Water dragon coloured pencil

This is from an A4 journal when Denise was working in when staying in Brisbane. Near the hotel was a public garden with a large pond attracting many friendly water dragons.

A few other features from Brisbane made it into the drawing, including a representation of lots of stairs! Black pen and a little watercolour.

Water dragon in Brisbane